Sherry + Billy | Couples Photos at Bliss Farms, Granville Massachusetts

In 2013 I decided I wanted to be a wedding photographer.  I hired a mentor in March and got right to work learning the in’s and outs and building my business.  In June of the same year, I started second shooting for other studios and shortly after, I met Sherry, the owner of Sherry Sutton Photography.  We rocked out six weddings together and became friends.  Then she moved from New Jersey to Texas and life got busy, things got in the way and we lost touch a bit.  I sure have missed her dearly so when she reached out to me this summer and asked me to shoot a wedding at Bliss Farms in Granville Massachusetts with her there was no way I was going to say “no”.  Then she asked me to take some couples photos at Bliss Farms of her and her “assistant” aka: her new boyfriend before the wedding, and my heart lit on fire!!!  I could not wait to meet Billy and document this new happiness in her life!

I asked Sherry to tell me a little about Billy, and this is what she said: “Over the past few months he has been my rock, my champion, and my best friend. He has helped this broken soul understand the power of a simple, pure and soulful love… and for that I am eternally grateful.  I am thankful for the constant stream of grace, love, and laughter that he brings to Walden and I… we are incredibly blessed to have him in our lives.”

I am overjoyed to have been able to photograph Sherry and Billy.  Their love is infectious and it’s obviously genuine and I want to wish them a lifetime of happiness and laughter together!

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